No Ripple In The Glass

A few years ago, the Mormon Prophet was Gordon B. Hinckley.  He admonished people to read the Book of Mormon through, by the end of the year.

At our ward, my Bishop asked us to come up with creative ways to show how accepting this challenge blessed our lives…

We then had a special night to look at and enjoy everybody’s displays that they came up with. Some did clay sculptures, some wrote poems, others put on skits…it was a GREAT night of fun and fellowship!

Here is my contribution…

No Ripple in the Glass… (A lesson learned from the Book of Mormon)

When I saw the poster, charging us to come up with creative ways to express what blessings we received through accepting the challenge of President Hinckley to read through the Book of Mormon, I; (of course) immediately thought about writing a poem…and maybe someday, I will, but you know…as I sat and pondered about what blessings I DID receive by accepting the Prophet’s challenge, I decided to just pick up my pen and write down what the Lord has placed upon my heart.

Have you ever wondered why water is the most abundant and important element on this Earth? It’s because water is the life giving element that no living thing can be without.

In (Genesis 1:1), the Bible STARTS OUT by telling us that darkness was upon the face of the waters. Before there even WAS an Earth, there was water, and darkness was upon that water.

Darkness is a picture of ignorance. We call the great apostasy, the dark ages, because there was, among other things, a lack of knowledge and spiritual light. Then, in (John 1:1), the Bible tells us that Jesus is the word of G-d and that he has been with G-d from the very beginning.

Jesus is also called living water.

He told the woman at the well that if she drank from that Earthly well, she would thirst again, but if she drank from the fountain of living waters (the word of G-d) she would never thirst again.

Think about that for a minute…

Jesus IS the word of G-d and he calls himself the living water.

As I stated before, water is the first and foremost element on this Earth.

Is it any wonder that G-d chose to call his word, water? Or that he tells us to make it our first priority? Our bodies can’t live without water and our SOULS can’t live without Jesus Christ.

Have you ever looked in wonder at the pristine beauty of a clear, blue mountain lake?

I have.

On a quiet, windless day, the lake looks as though it was made of glass. It reflects the images all around it. When you lean quietly, gently over…without disturbing the water…you can clearly see your own face looking back at yourself.

Then, what happens when you throw a pebble at that image?

Isn’t THAT exactly what man has done to the word of G-d from the very beginning? G-d’s word is a perfect reflection of truth. If we look into the untroubled waters of God’s word, it will reflect back to us, untouchable truth.

The Bible also teaches us that G-d’s word is a light unto our feet (Psalms 119:10)

if darkness is a picture of ignorance, then light is the opposite.

The Bible goes on to tell us that man loves darkness rather then light because his deeds are evil.

Because of the truth of our fallen nature, man would rather be in the dark than be shown the truth about his sin…

Thus…he has been throwing pebbles into the fountain of living water from the very beginning.

G-d gave us his word; we don’t like what it exposes about our hearts, so we ripple the pond with our OWN ideas. This is what man has done with our beloved Bible. There is NO QUESTION that it is the word of G-d, a fountain of living water, but it is a fountain of rippled, flowing water.

Our Bible has been handed down through the ages from one source to another; the Book of Mormon teaches us that many of the plain and precious truths have been removed from the Bible because imperfect men have handled it. Many of these men were not even prophets of G-d.

Which brings me to the point of this essay…the Prophet, OUR prophet… Gordon B. Hinckley has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon. What will that do for us, you ask?


The Book of Mormon came to us through the writings of many men. Men who were directly inspired by G-d, just as the Bible did…however, ONE man translated the Book of Mormon. One man; called of G-d, through the power of G-d, put to pen, the unsullied truth of the water of life.

When I read my beloved Bible, I drink from a rippled, flowing fountain of living water that truly DOES quench my soul, but when I read my Book of Mormon…


A solid mirror of life, unchangeable, un-rippled, a perfect reflection of God’s truth! My Book of Mormon is the mirror that G-d gave me to look into. I see the truth of and in my soul and the darkness that is within my heart has no power to ripple that truth!


THAT, my friend…is the lesson I learned and the blessing I received from accepting the challenge of the Prophet.


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