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Thank You, Lord

By Virginia Buffett


As I looked out at the rain one grey, soggy day

I bowed my head and started to pray…

“Father, where are you? Oh why can’t I see,

through the veil at your face as you watch over me!

I want to be close to you and know that you’re near,

even though I lack faith and wrestle with fear.

I know that you love me, and I know that you care

but this journey is filled with such pain and despair,

that I often lose focus, then your plan I can’t see.

I get my eyes on the “World” and lose sight of the tree.

I stumble and slip and let go of the Rod.

I forget to give thanks to my savior and G-d.

As the vapors engulf me and the light starts to fade,

the Holy Spirit reminds me of the price that you paid.

If I hadn’t heeded that blessed alter call

I’d have no life to thank for, raindrops and all!


So Father, I come before you with so much to say,

so much to be thankful for, on this blustery day.

Thank you for trials and trouble and pain.

Thank you for the freshness, after the rain.

Thank you for the clouds that block the Sun’s ray.

Thank you for your Spirit who reminds me to pray.

Thank you for the hills that I struggle to climb.

They mold me and strengthen me, and prepare me in time,

to fight off temptation and give me the grace,

to see through Satan’s lies, by the light of your face.

Thank you for a prophet in these latter days.

Thank you for this church and the change in my ways.

I know it was you who brought me thus far.

I know my Lord Jesus has my tears in His jar.

In the name of my Savior, I most humbly pray.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for this grey, soggy day!”


Author’s note: He does have your tears in a jar!!

Psalms 56:8-

8) Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

The Mortal Test

By Virginia Buffett


A spirit I was, a mortal to be

The Father came and spoke to me.

“You’ve kept, my child, your first estate

And now it is time to delegate

A mother to give you mortal birth

A body and a place on Earth.

I know you’d like your mother, ‘kind’

But I have something else in mind.

You see, my child, it’s easy to be

In a holy family that pleases me.

What’s NOT so easy and takes more grit

Is to be placed with parents who are unfit.

A childhood filled with fear and unrest

You must endure and pass the test.

As you struggle through confusion and pain

Your effort to find me again will not be in vain.

I love you and I’ll guide you back

If you will withstand Satan’s attack.

Your progression greatly will be multiplied

And I’ll be there waiting on the other side

With rewards beyond your wildest dream

Because you took the path extreme.

The Earth will be your proving ground

But Heaven is where you will be crowned

You will receive rewards so sweet,

Just toss them all at Jesus’ feet.


It will then be time to receive your Heavenly mother’s embrace

And also time to look at your Heavenly father’s face.

I know you can do this, I have no doubt

Because you’re a spirit divine and devout.

I’ve planned this life and task to do

Because I have great confidence in you!


1 Corinthians 10:13 –

13) There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

I know G-d won’t give me anything that I can’t handle, I just wish He didn’t trust me so much!

The Shadow of a Secret

A secret came into my life

and taught me how to cry

no matter what I do

its shadow will never die

anguish planted too deeply

memories I can never erase

guilt and shame engulf me

they follow me place to place

when I couldn’t find the words

my actions told the truth,

A shadow left by a secret

robbed me of my youth

I couldn’t face reality

so, naturally I withdrew

I only wanted love

but no one ever knew

The judge asked me questions

as tears welled in my heart

he never believed my story

and my world crumbled apart

The silent shadow deepened

the lines you can trace

for the secret that I kept

is written on my face

Now a counselor I will see

more questions she will ask

G-d please grant me more faith

if I am to finish this task

No band-aide for this wound

no medicine for the pain

the secret never goes away

its embedded in my name.



To Whom Much is Given

By Virginia Buffett


As I close the pages of my brand new Quad

I sit and I ponder the blessings of G-d.

He’s brought me so far in this past year,

The mist and the fog are starting to clear.

I’m grasping the Rod with all of my might

The path is rocky, but the tree is in sight.

I know the people in that building over there

Are laughing on the outside, but are filled with despair.

They only pretend to be happy and gay

It’s my duty now, to show them the way.


Words are just vapors that vanish like colors at night.

But my actions are solid and as visible as light.

They will be watching, this I know to be true,

Picking apart everything that I do.

I’m an ambassador for Christ as I cling to this Rod.

I’ve taken on the name of the Almighty G-d!

He’s watching too and He’s counting on me.

There are so many souls that long to be free!

They are all mired in the mud of Satan’s deceit.

He is the foe that I must defeat.


This race that I’m running began one night,

As I sat and I stared at the flickering light.

I saw a commercial and longed to know more.

In short order, two missionaries knocked at my door.

They pulled me up out of the miry clay

And set my feet on a Rock that day!

So, when I see a building with a foundation of air,

I’ll stand squarely on my Rock and His name I’ll declare!


We all came to mortality with one desire:

To conquer temptation and the Satanic mire.

So, I must look past the mocking and jeer.

I must be bold and mortify my fear.

This gift of the truth that I have been given

Was not meant to be buried or saved for Heaven.

We all start fresh at the beginning of a race.

The easy part is accepting the gift of G-d’s grace.


But remember the story of the tortoise who won.

The rabbit was fastest when the race had begun.

But his great flaw was in this point that he missed,

“Victory only comes to those who persist.”

I didn’t pull this idea just out of the blue,

Paul spoke of this race and he finished it too!

So, never forget; when you think you’re too tired-

To whom much is given, much is required!



Author’s note: I dedicate this poem with gratitude and love to the very special people who guided me to the truth that inspired it – The Missionaries.

I wrote this poem upon request, as a Christmas gift for the Missionaries. December, 2004.



A G-d’s Eye View

By Virginia Buffett


Our great course of progression began with our journey to this Earth,

To overcome the tribulations that arise from our birth.

We were born on this rock with that objective in mind,

To thus complete the plan that our father designed.

Every choice that we make, to the good or the bad,

Is in direct correlation with the troubles we’ve had.

As I study my scriptures and cross reference this vein,

The concept of agency becomes more plain.

This rod of the Savior that I am reading today

Breaks down my confusion and shows me the way.


So, I looked up the words agency, progression, then plan;

to better understand the condition of man.

Then, in order to get a G-d’s eye view,

I checked out 2nd Nephi chapter two.

“Two ‘Ne Two” speaks of our free will and the trials we’ll face,

The necessity of those troubles and the doctrine of grace.

The veil clouds our memory, as these struggles burden our soul,

So G-d gave us His Word to keep us focused on the goal.

G-d comforted Joseph Smith and He’ll do so for you,

If you’ll read what He said in D&C 122.


As I continued my search, I found verses a’plenty,

Like: 1 Peter 1:6&7, D&C 103:12, and Genesis 50 verse 20.

I added these scriptures to this poem as a challenge to you.

Search them for yourselves, then check out 2nd Corinthians 8 and verse 2.

These are G-d’s words and they will not return void.

If you hide them in your heart, Satan’s lies will be destroyed.

Remember that all of us struggle in our travails and our groans,

But the brook would lose its song if you took out all the stones.


Righteous living shines fourth with Celestial adorning,

The darkest hour is at midnight, but joy cometh in the morning,

You can find that in Psalms chapter 30 verse 5.

These words will give you comfort and your spirit revive.

The Lord is teaching me out of His Holy Pages

To plant my feet upon the Rock of Ages!

I’m growing and learning, each day that I look,

Through the pages of that awesome and glorious book!

Yes, the veil over my eyes is getting thinner,

For I know that I will be home now, in time for dinner!


Author’s note: I do not stand on shifting sand and fear the storm that rages,

But calm and sure, I stand secure, upon the Rock of Ages!! –

Psalms 40:2:

2) He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.


Read it Yourself!

By Virginia Buffett


You know the stories. You’ve heard them told.

Those great old stories of the prophets of old.

I’ve heard them too, and many times said

But I often wonder, how many have read

Those stories themselves and know them all the way through?

Because the details commonly accepted sometimes are not true;

Like the story of Noah and the deluge from the Heavens.

The animals went in, not only by two’s; but also by sevens!


In every depiction, many just accept what they see.

And how many wise men? Do you suppose three?

There were three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh;

But the number of wise men is only a blur.

Who was there that holy night to witness the greatest gift to this Earth?

Only some shepherds, a stepfather, and the one who gave birth.


So, when you hear a story from that great old book,

Sit down and make time to take a closer look.

Read the story yourself. Ask the Holy Spirit to tell you the truth.

Then you can dispel some of those myths that you’ve heard from your youth!


                     Here’s How

By Virginia Buffett


You ask me how you can bridge the future of my children

You ask me how you can form a partnership with my family

You can start by looking at me as important

Look past the things you think that you can see

You can start by looking deeper than my social rank in life

You can start by taking a closer look at me

When you look at me, what is it that you are really thinking?

Do you see my hair in need of washing

Or my clothes in need of repair?

Do you wonder why I am nervous or insecure

As you look down at me with that condescending stare?

If you step out of your education

Put down that pen you hold,

Take my hand and walk with me

If you would be so bold

Learn of my own tragic childhood

Or maybe just take a peek

Learn what I did just yesterday

Or what happened to me last week

Take the time to listen

Take the time to see

Put down your misconceptions

If you would reach inside of me

We all come through life

On both sides of the tracks

With secrets and temptations

And burdens on our backs

You made better choices

And life’s road led you to me

That road leads forwards and backwards

As far as you can see

If you want to bridge the future

Then step inside my mind

For the secret of the future

Is in healing what’s behind

I see you as “the enemy”

You see me as “less than you”

If you really want to help my child

Here is something you can do

Treat me with some dignity

And if you would erase my frown

Try looking up at me

Instead of looking down

You can loosen the bonds of mistrust

One tangle at a time

You could reach within my walls

If you brush not past the slime

My walls are dark and cold

My heart incased in stone

But you could guide me to the light

If you leave your own baggage at home


The message of this poem

Is as clear as it can be

If you wish to help my child

Then start by helping me

Author’s note: I wrote this poem in a response to a request by my son’s therapist at his day treatment center if I would speak at a seminar they were holding about bridging the gap of mis-trust between the professionals who work with special needs children and the parents of these children. I read this poem in a room filled with Mental health and social service professionals. I had the whole room in tears.

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