I am a Daughter of Zion


I am a daughter of Zion, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. People not of my faith call me a “Mormon.” I do not take offense to this term, though it is incorrect. I am a follower of Jesus the Christ, not Mormon; however, I would rather be erroneously called a Mormon than correctly termed a Christian.

The term “Christian” should mean: follower of Christ, yet so many millions of so called “Christians” wrap their beliefs around hatred and intolerance. Instead of following the true teachings of Christ, they choose to harden their hearts to His message of love and acceptance for all mankind; openly displaying contempt for the very people who gave us the Christ.

(I might add here, that the hatred for the LGBTQ community is also not of Christ. Christ never puts a distinction on sin, nor does He esteem one person over another. We are ALL sinners. He loves us ALL, not just the self-righteous so-called “Christians.” In fact, if you read your Bible, you will see that the people that Jesus had the MOST problem with, were the “religious” ones.)

Getting back to my point about Jew-haters; Christians who hate Jews deny the Jewishness of the Messiah. They have made Jesus a Gentile, one of themselves. For centuries, Jews have known almost nothing about Jesus the Christ and because of hatred from Gentiles who call themselves Christians, have wanted to know even less.

Not all of us Christians have forgotten that we Gentiles are merely branches grafted onto the root and trunk of Judaism. We Gentiles who were grafted do not replace the original branches. We, as Christians, wear the name of the greatest Jew who ever lived and yet still in many a small mind, the Jews are Christ killers.

These Jew-haters have forgotten their roots. The Bible they supposedly love was written almost entirely by the people they hate! So too, was my beloved Book of Mormon. G-d’s light shines though His word, and His word came to us through His people, the Jews, who were so chosen to be the light to the rest of us. The way, the truth, and the light grow out of the covenant that G-d made with a man named Abram. G-d changed his name to Abraham and from the seed of Abraham, all the nations of the world were blessed, just like He (G-d) promised. Monotheism came from the Jews. Before their teaching, all the world was worshiping many gods. The truth about the ONE TRUE G-D came to us from the Jews.

One need only to glance at the history of this intrepid little group of people called the Nation of Israel to see the truth. The struggles they have overcome as a nation provide proof to me that hope is something worthwhile to believe in. When I start to feel discouraged about my own life circumstances, I need not look far to see a shining example of G-d’s unbending, steadfast commitment to a promise He made to a man named Abram. Even in their deepest despair, the promise was and is the Messiah, Yeshua; the descendant of Abraham, shephard AND sacrificial lamb.

Call me a “Mormon” if you must, I am OK with that, but please don’t call me a “Christian.” Too much evil against G-d’s chosen people, have been done in that name. I know that one bad apple shouldn’t cause one to hate all apples. Yet, a bad apple is still an apple, and not all apples are bad.

So, I will not deny that I am indeed, a Christian. I would prefer, however, to think of myself as a Gentile who follows The WAY- a spiritual Jew, counted also as one of G-d’s chosen.

Now, I too, must shine my light for all the world to see.

When the powers of darkness try to douse that light, I am comforted in the knowledge that Ol’ Smutty Face (Satan) will never win the battle against the ONE TRUE G-D, the MIGHTY ONE of ISREAL.

Selah (means: think about it, in Hebrew),

NOTE: Religion without active LOVE has no more life than a mannequin in a store window.

Virginia Buffett

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