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Hello everyone and welcome to My Secret Place! This site is all about abolishing secrets. Here at My Secret Place, we are conquerors who are standing proud and tall. No more hiding in the shadows, ashamed of the stigma that was put upon us by the sinful actions of someone else. Here is a soft place to fall. Come cry, laugh, rejoice, and praise with us!

My story…

My name is Virginia Buffett. I started this site because I was tired of looking for a good counselor! Good ones are so hard to find and I have come to a place in my journey through this life, that I refuse to waste my time with someone who doesn’t really care about my personal struggles.

About me: I am in my 50s, single, and living with my adult son, who is autistic. I have an adult daughter who lives several States away from us and we both miss her very much. I was raised in a very dysfunctional family with lots of ugly twists and turns, which you will become more aware of as you read through my poems and posts.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, which I was ashamed of for many years. I am no longer ashamed of something that I had no control over. What happened to me was something that I did not want or ask for. It was forced upon me by some very selfish and mentally ill people.

I have come to realize that those people were in pain as well. Hurting people hurt people the most. I wasted far too much of my life in the gaul of bitterness. It was only eating at my soul and effecting the people whom I love the most. I did not want to become the monsters that I grew up with, so I gave my hatred and hurting heart over to the Lord. He is my ROCK and my salvation,

Isaiah 38:17,

Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption: for thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back.

I won’t say that I have overcome all of it. I am still a work in progress, but I WILL say that I am thankful for everything that I have been through in my life. The events of my life have shaped me into the person that I am today. It has only recently, truly dawned on me, that I am loved by my Heavenly Father and I am actually… a pretty nice person to know.


The goal and purpose for My Secret Place

Is to reach out to others who, like myself, are lost and floundering in the sea of confusion and despair. I spent so many nights, just staring at my computer, having no clue what to type into the search engine! I was lost and lonely, hurting and frustrated. I wanted to reach out to someone who would reach back; someone who would not flinch or recoil in disgust, fear or misunderstanding. I was looking for a soft place to fall.

After many hours of fruitless searching, I did not find such a place or person. So, I decided to CREATE that place and BE that person! True healing comes when we step out of ourselves and reach out to others. I know that I am not alone and I have decided to make it my life’s goal to praise Jesus, to share and care, and to reach out to my fellow travailors with the love that Jesus has put into my own healing heart.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Virginia Buffett

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  1. Hi Virginia,
    Kudos to you. To come out of the shadows into the light!
    No, you should not be ashamed of your past. Afterall it has made you who you are today. A wonderful writer. You have a gift, my friend. I say use it!
    Best Wishes

    1. My past is a blessing to me! I wouldn’t be a good writer or have the “wisdom” as you say, If it were not for the hard knocks. Tuff times are for learning and MAN, have I learnt stuff!
      Now I am in a position to share the incite that Heavenly Father has given me and maybe help someone else up out of their own “miry pit” G-d always turns evil into good, if you trust him and put him first.

  2. Hi Virginia!
    So sorry for all you have suffered, but glad you have come through it and have decided to share. Those experiences have given you a beautiful voice and an enormous wisdom.
    Your writing is moving and inspiring.
    One question: why do you write G-d instead of glorifying his full name as God?

    1. Because his name is Holy so I do not use it reverently. It is Jewish thing. They never type or speak G-d’s name. They call him Hashem, which means: The Name. I am an avid follower of Judaism, so I have adopted that policy as well.

      About what I have been through, I agree with you. G-d has given me a gift through tragedy and I am grateful for everything that I have suffered, because these things have made me the person that I am today. I have the gift of love and empathy and a desire to share with others, as they struggle to find their voices too.

      I could not understand the pain of others if I had not experienced that pain as well. G-d uses everything for good. I have come through the valley of the shadow of death, but I have emerged! And the Sun is shining! I am happy and ready to share that happiness.

  3. Virginia, I am overwhelmed.
    I felt in our other conversations that there is more to you than you have revealed to our community.
    Go on and write, because you do heal others. To help is helping ourselves, I believe.
    But I do not dare to show my stuff, so go and show me your superpower!

    1. My Secret Place is about standing proud and shucking off the shame. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Neither do you.
      Don’t be afraid to share your stuff. It is you. It is who you are, who G-d made you. And you are beautiful and wonderfully made. If you want. I can add you to this site and you can put some of your stuff here. You can hold your head high with myself and a few million of our closest friends.

  4. Hi Virginia,
    I commend you for starting this blog to share your story! We all have stories to tell —- some worse than others. I also come from an abusive father. He never raped us, but he beat us with a razor thin alligator belt, and if we cried, he beat us even more! He beat my sister until she passed out — he thought he killed her, but he didn’t — and it did not change a thing! We had a super dysfunctional family and I believe my father, two brothers and sister were/are all mentally ill. My oldest brother died from a drug overdose due to bi-polar and mental illness. My sister is crazy as a loon, my little brother is mean as hell and my father committed suicide. I think I am O.K.???? My Mom was normal, but died years ago from Lou Gehrigs disease. It has been a rough road, but what does not kill us makes us stronger!! And God is always by our side! Sometimes it is hard to believe that, but I know it is true! I recently went through breast cancer, and I was VERY ANGRY at God for doing that to me!! I was so angry that I swore I would not ask for help. Well, guess what? I prayed every night that HE would see me through, and he did!

    I am glad you have found a way to vent and hopefully heal yourself. And maybe you will help others along the way. And by the way, I LOVE THE BLUE SKY that YOU painted! It is gorgeous! I love to take cloud pictures! There is just something so peaceful and beautiful about the sky! God Bless You and may HE always be with you! Good Luck on your journey! Take Care.

  5. It is honestly a privilege to leave a comment on your website.
    Calling you a writer does not do you any justice.
    Your pen is a paintbrush, your words are wonderful colours.
    I am amazed at what I have just read.
    I will keep coming for more of your paintings…

    1. Funny you should say that! The blue sky that is at the top of my site is part of one of my paintings! Yup, I’m an artist too.
      Thank you for that wonderful review. Which article were you reading?

      1. Well, not just an artist then, but a versatile artist!
        I read Gathering Shards (now waiting for the second installment) and I think it is sublime! I just cannot describe how I felt after reading it… Only once have felt I so messed up inside in my life when reading a book. It happened when I read “Dubliners” by James Joyce. The Epiphany was a punch in the stomach.
        I feel the same now, more or less… My hat goes off to you.

  6. Hi Virginia. What can I say about “Gathering Shards”. It’s obvious to me that you are a professional writer, if not, then you have exceptional skills. I loved this article, It told me a bit about myself, as well as you. I can’t wait for the next instalment. All the best. Jim

  7. If anyone wishes to leave a comment, you can find the comment button at the bottom of the “About Virginia” post.
    Virginia Buffett

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